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Panoramic People Mathematics Education (PPME)

Panoramic People-oriented Mathematics Education

Panoramic People-oriented Mathematics Education, or PPME, aims to deliver People-Oriented Math Education. Based on the National Curriculum Standards and textbooks prepared by the Ministry of Education, PPME is an original teaching concept and method for primary school mathematics education developed by a team of excellent teachers and researchers led by Special-grade Teacher Zhang Hongwei. They have also complied a series of supporting packages that efficiently meets the curriculum standards’ requirements and the national textbooks. Over 30 schools in 14 provinces across China have implemented PPME.

PPME enriches the contents of primary school mathematics. Apart from teaching the contents on the textbooks with high efficiency and high quality, PPME introduces some non-tradition math learning materials. It enriches and recompiles a series of primary and secondary math history and culture, enabling children to learn math while gaining knowledge of the worldwide history and culture of math.

Secondly, PPME adjusts and rebuilds some contents and the teaching structure. Through reorganizing the order and chapters of some contents and conducting modular integration and Cross-area reconstruction, the romantic part of math classes and teaching is added to the learning process, which has reshaped the theme-based learning process. With such design, PPME offers the students a wide range of math learning activities, including module-based romantic experience, framework construction, question analysis, regular practice activities, panoramic review, etc.

In addition, PPME also improves math learning by reshaping the learning scenario and learning process and develops a theme-based and project-based curriculum. It continues to implement the five tasks of cross-area learning, learning through real practice, personalized learning, long-term immersive learning, and Drama-based learning.

Curriculumn Highlights

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