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School Introduction


Nurture lifelong learners and global contributors who embrace Chinese heritage and culture.

HT NANJING IMPACT ACADEMY is a high-end innovative private bilingual school that incorporates global perspectives, integrates Chinese and Western, and cultivates future-ready students. It is built by Elite K12 Education Group. With the goal of nurturing global Chinese citizens, we provide a comprehensive, international, and integrated education solution from preschool to high school for Chinese families who desire international education.

HT NANJING IMPACT ACADEMY aims to provide a comprehensive, innovative and international basic education, and explore the integrated innovation model in a bilingual environment. The school will provide a 15-year consistent curriculum for kindergarten, primary school, junior high school to high school.

Capacity: 2,000 students

Age Group: Age 3 ~ 15 with coverage from kindergarten to high school

Total area: 70,000 square meters

Curriculum: Based on the Chinese National Curriculum Standard and Textbooks, HTNJ leverages the “Chinese Integrated Curriculum Framework” to guide students to discover themselves, nature, and the world; and help the students build connections with the world.

Teaching language: Chinese + English

Average: 25 students/class

Teacher-student ratio: 1:5

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