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HTNIA Mission

The mission of HT Nanjing Impact Academy (NIA), a boundary-free incubator of integrative education, is to develop lifelong students and global contributors who embrace Chinese heritage and culture through an innovative education model distinguished by: 

• Experiential, bilingual, and inquiry-based learning programmes;

• A collaborative and inclusive culture that fosters ownership, purpose, and passions; and 

• A deep connection to the local and global community 

HTNIA Objectives

  • Every student will discover and be proud of his/her Chinese identity, heritage, and culture with a global perspective.
  • Every student will own his/her own personal and academic growth throughout life
  • Every student will discover and pursue their true passions
  • Every student will be responsible for improving the world
  • Every student will embody the strength of character.

Working at HT Nanjing Impact Academy

 NIA is mission-driven. We are committed to actualizing what the letters in IMPACT stand for so that students and staff members, possess Illuminated Mindsets, empowered to take Passionate Actions through Courageous Transformations. We believe that as a community we can be positive, impactful, global contributors who inspire others. If that sounds appealing to you, come and join us! 

“It’s an amazing feeling to feel excited to walk into work, to want to strive to have the best day possible, but also to know that the people you work for are supporting you all the way. To have the sense that the school leaders fundamentally believe in and will actualize the school’s vision and promote an environment of improvement and development that enables me and all staff to fulfill our potential.” (Rachel Dunn, teacher).

We are passionate about teaching and learning

Teaching and learning at NIA is an innovative, process-driven, and collaborative experience that meets the needs of all students. Through concept-based learning, driven by “big ideas,” NIA teachers inspire and engage students, facilitating and personalising each learning experience. Opportunities are provided for students to drive lessons through their curiosity, agency, and choice. This is supported by the provision of transformative learning and teaching spaces where students can take ownership of their learning; they can move around freely, apply themselves and connect with a diverse group of peers.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum 

NIA offers a standards-aligned integrated curriculum that incorporates cutting-edge teaching concepts such as PBL and design thinking, with a theme-based, interdisciplinary teaching approach. Students build upon and improve their comprehensive capability and academic ability through immersion in bilingual learning. The NIA curriculum boasts holistic education which emphasizes the wholeness and relevance of knowledge while building basic skill sets. By stimulating students’ interests, they are enabled to inquire with the help of skills training, integration of different subjects and social practice.

We value our people

We are building a talented and diverse team of like-minded professionals who work together to accomplish success. Aiming to continually develop and innovate in everything we do; we value and encourage contributions from everyone, embracing who you are, and the skills and ideas you bring. The meaningful and accelerated learning opportunities provided for all staff members will ensure you grow, and be inspired to be the best you can be. The NIA team feels like family, everyone is in it together!

Our job goals

To embody the mission of the school, ensuring the social well-being and academic growth of each student.

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