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Wanny Hersey

Group Chief Academic Director / Chief for HT Nanjing

Welcome to HT Nanjing Bilingual School — “a boundary-free incubator of integrative education.”

At HT Nanjing, we believe that learning can be a joyful “boundary-free” experience and that success is defined by students who are well-rounded life-long learners. We believe that balanced students will serve the world more effectively, and we are committed to building strong and vibrant academic, artistic, and athletic programs to serve this ideal. Finally, we believe that education is about relationships: between peers engaged in the pursuit of excellence, between students and teachers working inside and outside the classroom, and between the faculty and families towards common goals. We structure our programs and hire our faculty and staff with these in mind.

Our world is changing at an exponential rate, and the world our students know today will be different from the one they enter tomorrow. At HT Nanjing, we ensure that our students are prepared to meet these challenges. Our students will learn from an array of perspective, experiences, and cultures that open their minds to new possibilities. Our program, led by outstanding faculty and coaches, strives to help students discover their passions through an engaging, challenging, and innovative bilingual curriculum, as well as strong visual and performing arts and athletic programs.

HT Nanjing is home to a tight-knit community where everyone matters and diversity and collaboration are celebrated. This supportive community empowers students to find their voice as they hone their personal and academic skills in order to build life-long relationships on their path to being successful global contributors.

I invite you to take a look around this website and to visit HT Nanjing. See for yourself how we nurture students to embrace their Chinese heritage and culture through our innovative, integrative bilingual education model and think about how you might thrive in our community.

Li Zhencun

Group Chief Academic Director

What is a good education? Or, against the backdrop of an uncertain future, what kind of education should we give our children to adapt to the uncertainty? This has been the question I have been thinking about ever since I joined Elite K12 Education. 

I think that good education is not about control, but about openness. Every life has the instinct to grow automatically. Good education must be able to respond to this instinct and to support it. The reality, however, is that we often do too many things with good intentions to control such instinct of children, too many things to polish and curb the edges of children. Education is supposed to provide the sunshine and the rain, enabling each flower to bloom freely. Good education must be fully open: the sky should be open, so that the children could fly; the gate of truth should be open, so that the children could explore; the mind should be open, so that the child could breathe freely…In a school that is open rather than controlled, you will see different smiles, diverse ideas, various ways to grow—"Variety is the source of happiness". Only in such an ideal realm could we truly step into the territory of education. 

A good education is more about discovery than education itself. Too often, we misunderstand what "education" truly means. We simplified education as a one-size-fits-all indoctrination of, preaching to and transformation of children by adults based on certain standards and models. In the West, the word “education” is derived from the Latin word 'educare', with the prefix e meaning 'out'. The Latin word thus means to lead out or draw out, in other words, to bring forth something that was originally latent in the body and mind by some means. I prefer this interpretation. Each child contains gifts that are not known to us. Education is not about blindly transforming children according to an unchanging pattern, but rather about trying our best to discover and capture the unique innate qualities of each child, and about doing our best to nurture, encourage, guide, and accompany them. 

A good education is not only about the growth of children, but the mutual success of teachers and students. When it comes to education, we focus more on children’s growth, yet often ignore the teachers who accompany the children. No one can teach a child what the one does not know. Thus, it is difficult for a teacher who does not like reading to bring up students who are fond of reading. Education is a beautiful spiritual exercise where there are no bystanders. We love to learn, we are eager to grow, we enjoy reading, we never let our brains stop thinking, and that is the teaching without words. A good education is not only about the growth of the students, but the growth of both the teachers and students. As Jaspers said, "The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul." Therefore, a good education should start with encouraging teachers to learn and grow. 

With these thoughts about education, every one of us at HT Impact Academy is working hard every day: to be an educator who loves to learn and grow, to be an educator who has the ability to think independently, to deliver open education, to discover every child, to ignite every child and to inspire every child…

Then, full of joy, we wait for the flowers to bloom. 

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