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Leadership team
Warren Johnston
Group Chief Academic Director

Mr. Warren Johnston formerly served as the Executive President of Shanghai YK Pao School, and as the Elementary Principal of The German Swiss International School Hong Kong (GSIS). His unique personality, extraordinary leadership, and his insight of both international and Chinese culture have underpinned his high reputation among the International Education Industry of China.

Wanny Hersey
Group Chief Academic Director / Chief for HT Nanjing

From Silicon Valley to Nanjing

Chief Director of HT Nanjing Impact Academy, Chief Academic Director of ELITE K12 Education Group

Innovative education expert of the Silicon Valley

Over 35 years of experience in K-12 education and management in North America, with numerous awards from Forbes, National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), EdSurge and others for educational achievements

Founder and Superintendent of Bullis Charter School (BCS) for 16 years

Under her leadership, BCS has been awarded with national Blue Ribbon school and state Gold Ribbon school in California, etc.

“We are teaching students, rather than teaching them knowledge.”

Zhencun Li
Group Chief Academic Director

Chief Academic Officer of Elite K12 Education Group

Founder of Chinese Integrated Curriculum

Director of Research Center of Chinese Integrated Curriculum

Chief Editor of Contemporary Educator

Former Founding Principal of Yizhuang Branch of Beijing National Day School

Former member of Steering Committee for Basic Education Curriculum Material with the Ministry of Education

Initiator of many far-reaching nationwide education models

“I think that good education is not about control, but about openness. Every life has the instinct to grow automatically. Good education must be able to respond to this instinct and to support it. The reality, however, is that we often do too many things with good intentions to control such instinct of children, too many things to polish and curb the edges of children. Education is supposed to provide the sunshine and the rain, enabling each flower to bloom freely. Good education must be fully open: the sky should be open, so that the children could fly; the gate of truth should be open, so that the children could explore; the mind should be open, so that the child could breathe freely…In a school that is open rather than controlled, you will see different smiles, diverse ideas, various ways to grow—"Variety is the source of happiness". Only in such an ideal realm could we truly step into the territory of education.”

Helen Han
Group Chief Academic Director

Mrs. Han graduated from the School of Foreign Languages of Northeast Normal University. She has over 30 years' management experience in high-quality bilingual kindergartens. Prior to joining HD Schools, she was the principal of The Family Learning House Kindergarten in Beijing. She is an advocator for whole-child education, community education and peace education. Believing that education for children relies on the self-awakening and growing of adults, she pays much attention to teachers and parents’ physical and mental development, as well as practical efficacy. She believes that the essence of education is to help children achieve their full potential, and help adults to liberate their minds.

Zhaoyun Hu
Principal of Middle School

Principal Hu is a well-known mathematics teacher of special grade, China's first batch of senior secondary school teachers, director of the mathematics curriculum of the Yigei Education Group, founder of the Discovery Mathematics Curriculum, a member of the expert group of the Ministry of Education's national mathematics academic level examinations proposition assessment, a core member of BNU edition "Mathematics (Grade 7-9)" "Mathematics - Teachers' Teaching Book" writing group, and the chief editor of the sub-volume mathematics curriculum Training expert. He has given demonstration classes and curriculum training hundreds of times in different parts of China, with over 200,000 teachers and over 100,000 parents listening to the classes.

Hongwei Zhang
Primary School Academic Director

Beijing Special Grade Teacher

Member of Expert Panel of the National Teacher Training Program

Instructor, National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development of Ministry of Education

Founder of PPME education system

Mr. Zhang is one of the teachers with special honor in Beijing, candidates for the expert pool of the “National Training Program" of the Ministry of Education, teachers of the development center of basic education curriculum and teaching materials of the Ministry of Education, and chief expert of "China Teachers’ Daily". He is the founder of Panoramic Mathematics. He has been a math teacher for 31 years. Having experienced four talent introductions, he has served as a curriculum director, dean of academic affairs, vice president and general principal of curriculum from Shandong to Hangzhou to Beijing. These experiences have cultivated his diversified educational perspective, keen educational insight and vigorous educational innovation. 

Yun Wang
Principal of Primary School

Former Chinese Curriculum Director of Secondary School of Beijing Fengtai New Education Secondary School

Former Special Curriculum Expert of Yizhuang Branch of Beijing National Day School

Former Core Expert of integrated curriculum and Curriculum Director of Primary School of Qingdao Academy

One of the lead editors of the integrated curriculum textbooks

Featured in the cover story of Contemporary Educator

“Perfect education is not to teach the world's top talents, but to cultivate top talents by teaching. HT Impact Academy is set to become the center of culture, where every child dances around the campfire of truth, feels the culture, and achieves himself.”

Tracy Cui
Principal of Kindergarten

AMI Montessori Diploma 3-6

China's 1st AMI manager qualification certificate

Tracy has more than 20 years’ experience in teaching and education management and has Founded two international kindergartens before

A senior parenting expert well versed in Montessori education

Ms. Cui has a master's degree from Griffith University in Australia, an AMI Diploma Children’s House (3-6), an AMI Montessori School Administrators Certificate, and she is also a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. With more than 20 years of teaching and management experience, and two successful experiences in establishing an international kindergarten, she has become more and more determined for Montessori education. She believes that education is to let everyone shine in his or her own way. 

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