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Chinese Integrated Curriculum

Chinese Integrated Curriculum

Based on the National Curriculum Standards, the Integrated Chinese Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum system, featuring interdisciplinary integration. With the goal of holistic education and the strategy of Project-Based Learning, it helps students to acquire extensive knowledge and broaden their mental horizon.

The Integrated Chinese Curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of the all-around person, which refers to a person with a well-developed personality, a healthy body and mind, comprehensive knowledge and skills, and both Chinese spirit and a global perspective.

The Integrated Chinese Curriculum gives full play to embodied cognition and advocates an all-rounded learning style that fully involves one’s physical and intelligent input regardless of the time and space. The Integrated Chinese Curriculum seeks to build theme-based learning scenarios that systematically instruct the students to develop and grasp the knowledge and enable the students to fully participate in the learning process physically and mentally.

The Integrated Chinese Curriculum emphasizes boundless learning. Through breaking the barriers between disciplines by adopting measures such as interdisciplinary integration, we aim to broaden the minds of the children and enhance their comprehensive abilities.

The Integrated Chinese Curriculum also values immersive and experience-based learning and pays high attention to the learning experience and feeling of the children. Students can develop a sense of language and improve their language capability with a large amount of language input and reading. Through offering participatory learning opportunities in real-life scenarios, different venues and communities, we seek to create a more authentic and diversified experience for the children, making study an intriguing journey as well as a lifestyle enjoyed by them.

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