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Prep Bridging Curriculum (5-6 years old)

In order to better help children enter the primary education seamlessly, students from 5 to 6 years old will take a Montessori mixed-age curriculum (3-6 years old) in the morning and a Prep bridging curriculum in the afternoon. The curriculum covers subjects like Chinese, English, mathematics, science, music, art, drama, sports, etc. The setting and schedule of the Prep bridging curriculum in the afternoon are fully in line with the study and life of the primary school. We have created an immersive language environment with both Chinese and western cultures, to promote project-based and inquiry-based learning methods, and cultivate children's critical thinking, learning habits, and emotional management skills, so that children can effectively prepare for the primary school.

Chinese Integrated Curriculum — Chinese is the foundation of Chinese culture and contains the spiritual genes and codes of the Chinese nation. The Prep bridging Chinese curriculum integrates music, ancient poems, games, reading, painting, drama and other content according to the physical and mental development of preschool children, which helps to optimize its depth and breadth. We focus on both improving children's Chinese expression and strengthening their Chinese spirit. We pass on the excellent national culture to children, so that they can stay rooted in Chinese culture while contributing to the whole world.

English-themed Curriculum — We train students with the immersive English environment, interactive thematic teaching activities, RWI natural spelling and graded reading. We have systematically integrated the basic training of speaking and listening into each learning stage, in order to improve children’s English proficiency in an all-round way. At the same time, music, art, and innovative integration curriculum basically adopt the international teaching mode. We encourage children to develop cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills, and to keep exploring their potentials, to challenge themselves, to stay interested about new things and to be passionate about exploration.

Innovative Integration Curriculum — Through experiential and project-based learning and inquiry, we combine basic curriculum with innovative project-based ones to stimulate children’s curiosity, exercise their hands-on ability, help them learn teamwork. We aim at cultivating children's growth-based and innovative thinking. We encourage children to boldly express their views, use imagination and creativity, learn to analyze and judge, and use interdisciplinary knowledge to solve problems in everyday life.

Curriculumn Highlights

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